Preventing colds in children as COVID-19 restrictions ease

As COVID-19 precautionary measures begin relaxing, an increase in colds and viruses are expected – especially for children.

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Common causes of diaper rash

A yeast infection can be one cause of diaper rash, but other sources may also be to blame. Learn how to treat and prevent diaper rash

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How much protein does my child need?

How much protein a toddler, child or teen needs depends on their age and body weight. Learn what foods contain protein.

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Overcoming an eating disorder

Read how one teen overcame an eating disorder thanks to the support and expert care of CHOC’s comprehensive eating disorders program.

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Does the COVID-19 vaccine cause infertility?

A CHOC pediatric infectious disease specialist helps settle the misconception that the COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility.

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9 strategies to support LGBTQ+ youth

Learn from a CHOC psychologist 9 ways that parents, families and teachers can support LGBTQ+ youth, plus a list of helpful resources.

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