Tips for minimizing trips to the grocery store during COVID-19

By Caitlyn Truty, registered dietitian at CHOC Children’s Now more than ever, it is important to keep your family nourished and healthy. For your safety and the safety of those around you during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also crucial to minimize your time spent grocery shopping and reduce the frequency of your grocery runs. … continue reading


Consejos para decidir a donde acudir y ser atendido durante el COVID-19

En CHOC Children’s sabemos que usted desea brindar a su hijo el mejor cuidado cada día, especialmente durante estos tiempos inciertos. Los niños son niños aún durante una pandemia. Ellos se enferman con resfríos, se fracturan los huesos, necesitan vacunas y tienen ataques de asma. Si su hijo está enfermo, lesionado, necesita vacunarse, tiene problemas … continue reading


Cómo hablar con los niños sobre la decepción durante COVID-19

Por la Dra. Mery Taylor, psicóloga pediátrica en CHOC Children’s  Con las escuelas cerradas y la práctica del distanciamiento social en vigencia, es ciertamente comprensible que los niños se sientan decepcionados en este momento por perderse las fiestas de cumpleaños, las excursiones o las vacaciones que habían estado esperando.  Si su hijo o adolescente se … continue reading


How cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) can help reduce COVID-19 stress

By Dr. Sabrina A. Stutz, pediatric psychologist at CHOC Children’s As the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and stay-at-home orders continue, many parents may notice changes in their own— or their child’s — mood, health habits, motivation and relationship with others. It can be stressful adjusting to this new experience and tolerating the uncertainty of this time. … continue reading


A psychologist’s tips for self-care

By Dr. Micaela Thordarson, pediatric psychologist at CHOC Children’s Self-care is the critical maintenance we need to be able to keep functioning. Sometimes self-care is compared to the way we care for our cars. Often, self-care is talked about as the equivalent to getting your car detailed or putting on a special coat of wax … continue reading


From hotline to surgery – How CHOC guided a family through an emergency during COVID-19

As the parent of a child with gastrointestinal issues, Kris wasn’t immediately concerned when her son Nolan complained of a stomachache while they were watching TV together. When his pain quickly got worse and Nolan started to vomit, Kris knew it was time to call CHOC. “With COVID-19 going on, I didn’t know if the … continue reading

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