Helping kids cope with COVID-19 stress

By Dr. Tiffany Torigoe-Lai, pediatric psychologist at CHOC Children’s Many parents are feeling the strains of the COVID-19 pandemic, many children may be feeling COVID-19 stress, too. Children can display stress in different ways, such as wanting to be alone, needing more attention, moodiness, inflexibility and increased distractibility. The good news is that there are … continue reading


How parents can deal with COVID-19 stress

With schools and many businesses closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, parents have been tasked with more than ever and many are dealing with COVID-19 stress. Their homes are now distance learning facilities, daycares, activity centers, remote offices and more. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urges parents during this uncertain and difficult time to practice … continue reading


A dietitian’s tips on flexible meal planning during COVID-19

By Alexia Hall, clinical dietitian at CHOC Children’s Trips to the grocery store, while essential, are not the first thing anyone wants to do right now. Knowing in advance what is in the pantry and using some helpful meal planning tools will make good use of the food ingredients you have on hand, allow for … continue reading


How to help children with autism understand COVID-19

With schools and many businesses closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, parents and kids are spending more time at home — and away from others — to help stop the spread of the virus. Adjusting to a new routine is stressful for parents and kids alike — but especially for children with autism who have trouble with change. How can … continue reading


Cyberbullying and COVID-19

Cyberbullying has become an increasingly common and serious issue in recent years largely due to the easy access, and in some cases the anonymity, of digital devices. As children and teens spend more time online during the COVID-19 pandemic to complete virtual schoolwork and keep in touch with friends, cyberbullying may increase as well. Parents, … continue reading


Mindfulness and meditation: Practical tools to reduce stress during COVID19

By Dr. Sabrina A. Stutz, pediatric psychologist at CHOC Children’s As we adjust to many changes to our daily routine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are experiencing an increase in stress, and looking for healthy ways to reduce stress during COVID-19. Mindfulness and meditation have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, … continue reading

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