The COVID-19 vaccine and pediatric asthma: What parents should know

A CHOC pediatrician answers questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine for kids with asthma.

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Influenza vs. COVID-19: A pediatrician explains the similarities and differences

A CHOC pediatric expert explains the similarities and differences in symptoms of flu and COVID-19, and how to protect your child from both.

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The COVID-19 vaccine for kids under 12: What parents should know

A CHOC pediatric expert answers parents’ commonly asked questions about kids under 12 and the COVID-19 vaccine.

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COVID-19 vaccine offers life-saving hope to high-risk teen

For Logan, who has complex congenital heart disease, vaccine eligibility ensured safety from a life-threatening virus.

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Back-to-school health tips during the COVID-19 pandemic

In this Q&A with CHOC pediatrician Dr. Rebecca Barros, learn how to keep your children healthy at school this fall.

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Managing a child’s anxiety about returning to school in the pandemic

In this Q & A, Dr. Sheila Modir, a pediatric psychologist, discusses what parents need to know to support their kids going back to school.

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